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A Comprehensive Digital Literacy Program
Sunshine Online offers 2 libraries - Decodable and Levelled - for beginning to fluent readers.
The libraries can be purchased separately or together.

Decodable Library

180 meaningful, engaging titles and activities - fiction and non-fiction.

Levelled Library

Over 900 fiction and non-fiction books and activities (levels 1-30).

Comprehensive Digital Literacy Program

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Sunshine Online

Two vast libraries offer quality texts for children who are just beginning to read, right through to those who are developing fluency and independence. In the Decodable Library, books are automatically unlocked as students work their way through the systematic and sequential order of learning. Digital assessment is also included. In the Levelled Library, teachers can select and assign appropriate titles to students to best fit their learning journey. Both libraries can be used in the classroom for independent learning, and for take-home reading.

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Teacher Support and Resources

Many downloadable resources are available. Depending on the library being accessed, these include skills charts, both quick and comprehensive teacher notes (which include comprehension questions and fluency exercises), student activity sheets, lists of words to practice reading, and printable assessment documents, including screening tests, phonics assessments, assessment of reading accuracy (comprising unseen texts) and comprehension assessment for those unseen texts. There is a detailed Scope and Sequence for the Decodable Library.

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Management System

Managed or unmanaged accounts are available. A managed account provides individual logins for students. Students have a personalised avatar and a dashboard where they can see their results. Subscribers have access to an easy-to-use administration area, where they can allocate work, track results and listen to students’ recordings. The unmanaged account provides a simplified way of giving students access to all material in either Library, but no data is saved. We recommend managed accounts, particularly if using the Decodable Library, which is designed to be read sequentially.