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Give your children a helping hand as they start their literacy journey

Teaching your child sounds and letters

The Decodable Library is the perfect digital resource to support a systematic, sequential, synthetic phonics approach for children aged four and older. Unique features of the Decodable Library include:

  • 180 fully decodable fiction and non-fiction titles
  • A strong Scope and Sequence from simple code, through complex code to extended code
  • Pure articulation of the phonemes (sounds) modelled for children
  • Children record and play back their own articulation of the sounds, and their blending of them to make words
  • Children can listen to the text being read, with decoding support if required, or they can read it independently
  • Children record themselves reading the text, review it, and re-record it if they wish
  • Activity worksheets, lesson plans, assessments are all provided.

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Student Dashboard and Reporting

Parents can opt for a managed or unmanaged account. We recommend managed accounts, particularly if using the Decodable Library, which is designed to be accessed by children sequentially. A managed account provides individual logins for children, who will have a personalised avatar and a dashboard where they can see their results. With the managed account, parents will have access to an easy-to-use administration area. Parents can allocate work, track results and listen to children's recordings. The unmanaged account provides a simplified way of giving children access to all material in the Libraries, but no data is saved.

Parent resources

In the Decodable Library, downloadable resources include the complete Scope and Sequence, lesson plans and student activity sheets. There are also additional printable assessment documents.

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