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Sunshine Online Decodable Library

The Decodable Library comprises 180 meaningful and engaging texts, both fiction and non-fiction

The Decodable Library contains 180 child-centred, relatable titles – both fiction and non-fiction. The titles follow a synthetic, systematic, cumulative, and sequential scope and sequence, so that students are exposed to phonemes and graphemes sequentially and then read meaningful texts containing only those sounds and letters that they have learnt. The titles are automatically unlocked in sequential order ensuring that students follow the systematic progression, thus ensuring reading success. Three digital activities provide many opportunities for learning in the classroom and at home, and student independent learning. In the Listen and Say activity, students review phonemes and record themselves segmenting and blending words. In the Read activity, students can listen to the text being read, and read it themselves. The Record activity requires students to record themselves reading the text, they can self-evaluate and review their recording.

There are digital assessments at the end of each 'Set' of books. The easy-to-use teacher administration features lets teachers listen to student recordings, and review and track their progress. In addition there are many other resources available, including downloadable student worksheets on phonics and comprehension, word lists, teacher notes, and additional print assessments including unseen texts and comprehension questions.

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Sequence of learning with the Decodable Library

Listen and Say activity
  • Students listen to a pure articulation of the focus phonemes
  • Students listen to correct segmentation and blending of phonemes and words
  • Students record themselves segmenting and blending words
  • Students listen to their own recording
  • Students can self-review and re-record
Read activity
  • Option to listen to the text with narration and highlighting
  • Option to hear individual words segmented and blended
Record activity
  • Students record their reading of the text
  • Listen to playback
  • Self-evaluate and review
  • Practise with repeated readings
  • Opportunity to independently review, self-evaluate, self-correct with re-reading and re-recording
Assessment at completion of each set of texts
  • Articulation of focus phoneme knowledge
  • Segmenting and blending of real and nonsense words
  • Tricky word identification
  • Teacher evaluation of students' recording
Teacher review
  • Listen to students' recordings
  • Review students' progress
  • Track progress with summative assessment