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Technical Support

For technical support please email support@sunshineonline.com.au

Setting up Single Sign-On (SSO)

Please visit the following link for a guide to setting up (SSO) Setting up single sign-on

Firewall/Proxy Settings

If accessing via a network, or school-based system, the proxy/content filtering systems may need to be updated to include the appropriate domains for Sunshine Online.

Use the following domain names an IPs:


System Requirements

10MB/S + (Download speed is determined by available bandwidth)
To test your connection speed click here: http://www.speedtest.net/

Display Settings:
1024 x 768 pixels minimum resolution.

Web Browsers:
Microsoft Edge, Firefox 50+, Safari 13+, Chrome 60+, Opera 45+
Browser cookies must be enabled.
Javascript must be enabled.

iOS 12.4+ and Android 6+

Sunshine Online has been tested extensively on the following minimum hardware configurations:

Intel® Pentium® III 1000MHz or faster processor (or equivalent)
1GB of RAM

Intel Core™ Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor
1GB of RAM

Other Hardware:
Speakers or headphones for audio content.
Microphone for Read and Record

Known Issues

White screen showing and no books loading.
- If you log in and see a white screen and no books, clear your cache and memory and log back in again. This should fix the issue.

Adding a home screen shortcut.
- Before logging in, go to the home screen and in the top menu bar you will see a square with an arrow pointing up. Click on this and find the "Add to Home Screen" button. Click on this to create a shortcut to Sunshine Online from the Home Screen. Note: if your iPad is running iOS 12 you will need to create the shortcut from the login page of the website. When you first use the shortcut click on "remember me" when you log in.

Books not displaying in library.
- Please clear your browser cache and reload the page.

I can't log in as a teacher with my username and password.
- If the account-type is unmanaged with a single username and password, log in using the “Student Login” button.

If you would like to set up classes, teachers and students with individual usernames and passwords, please email support@sunshineonline.co.nz and request that your account be changed to a managed account. Please clear this with the school administrator for Sunshine Online first.

I am having problems displaying/playing/saving content.
- Check your browser is HTML5 compliant. We recommend Chrome (pc and mac), Safari (mac), Microsoft Edge (pc).

I can only see Learning Space 3 when i log in
This indicates that you are using Internet Explorer as your browser which is not supported. Use Edge or Chrome as your browser.

The Recording function in the browser is not working.
- Check the browser is HTML5 compliant
- Check the microphone has been "allowed" (clear browser cache, then go back to the activity and select "allow" when prompted).

The recording function in the app is not working.
- Sometimes the permission to allow the microphone has been turned off.
- For iOS: Settings/Privacy & Security/Microphone. Check the switch next to Sunshine Online is on.
- For Android: Settings/Apps/Sunshin Online/Permissions/Microphone/Allow while using the app.

My iPad is having problems displaying/playing/saving content.
- iPads must have software version iOS12.4+. To check, go to Settings/General/About.

My iPad has no sound.
- Check in the control centre by swiping down from the top right of screen, make sure the mute button is white and not red.
- Sometimes iPads can get stuck thinking that headphones are plugged in when they aren’t.
To unstick, grab a pair of headphones and insert them into the headphone jack of the iPad and then immediately pull them out. Do this repeatedly.
- Try switching the iPad off and on again.

The student login text fields don’t clear when logging out
- “Remember me” is ticked in the student login screen – this should only be ticked for devices that are not shared.
- To turn off "Remember me": - log out, uncheck "Remember Me" and then click the Login button again.