Single Sign-On (SSO) Setup

Single sign-on (SSO) allows you to give your teachers and students access to Sunshine Online using their current login credentials.

When adding student and teacher accounts on Sunshine Online please ensure the username entered matches their current identity provider username. This is what we use to identify the user.

Please note: This setup process should be done by an IT administrator with experience creating applications in your identity provider account. Only School Administrators can enable SSO from within their Sunshine Online account.

General setup

  • Log in to your identity provider account.
  • Navigate to your applications.
  • Create a new application for Sunshine Online.

  • To obtain the Sign On and Call Back Urls in your Sunshine Online account:

    • Log in to Sunshine Online as the School Administrator
    • In the left sidebar menu, select SSO Authentication
    • Enable your preferred SSO protocol
  • Copy the end point and call back urls and paste them into your identity provider account where required.
  • Copy the identifier, issuer URL, and secret from your identity provider, and paste them into the corresponding fields in the SSO setup panel in Sunshine Online.
  • For SAML, download the SAML metadata document from your identity provider and upload this to Sunshine Online.
  • Click Submit.