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Sunshine Online Levelled Library

The Levelled Library contains over 900 levelled books, both fiction and non-fiction plus Alphabet and Maths

The Levelled Library contains over 900 levelled ebooks, both fiction and non-fiction. As well as clear narration and text highlighting, there are interactive activities for every book. Activities vary and cover the key areas of phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and writing. There is a read and record activity to support fluency. Some books have extra content such as video snippets. The Levelled Library is organised into three Learning Spaces. Each learning space has a collection of books arranged by level. Within that level they are separated into fiction and non-fiction titles, and then ordered alphabetically. As well as the books, each learning space has extra content included in the side bar. For Learning Space 1, this includes Games, Maths, Alphabet books and more. In Learning Space 2, there are word family and letter combination tasks. In Learning Space 3, there are books in the Discovering Series, and in the Team Turbo series. There is an individual login option with personalised student avatar, while teachers can choose whether or not to allocate work.

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