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About Sunshine Online

Sunshine Online has been used in schools throughout Australia since 2008. Every day, thousands of Australian teachers and their students log in to this program because it is an integral part of their classroom teaching and learning. Sunshine Online allows teachers to teach literacy effectively while keeping children motivated and engaged through the use of technology.

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The Program

This is a new, updated and revised program which includes an app for iOS and Android devices. There is an optional management system, hundreds of new texts, many more non-fiction texts, a game zone, a Discovering series and a full phonics program. Children are able to listen to, read and view multimodal texts. Some of the texts include embedded video clips. The site also has a full mathematics program to develop skills and understandings in early numeracy.

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Program Features

Sunshine Online has three distinct Learning Spaces for Emergent, Early and Fluent readers.

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There are over 915 fiction and non-fiction e-books that can be used for literacy learning and practice with hundreds of skills activities, as well as project-based inquiry for STEM writing and research. There are also 30 non-fiction titles in the Discovering section for cross-curricular learning for fluent readers.

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26 Alphabet e-books for emergent readers provide a comprehensive introduction to the building blocks of language.

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There are 24 Letter Combination and 32 Word Family e-books for early readers. This represents, with the alphabet e-books, a comprehensive phonics program of texts, interactive activities and lesson plans.

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These short animated explanations teach grammar points and parts of speech in a fun way. Upon completion, children get a certificate or trophy to reward their learning.

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Letters and Words

These activities teach the alphabetic principle. Children learn to recognise the names and initial sounds of the letters and practise 48 high-frequency words in context.

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91 e-books covering 22 levels introduce mathematics within the context of engaging stories to link literacy and numeracy. Lesson plans and animated and interactive activities complete the package.

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Songs and Rhymes

Fifteen songs and an alphabet rap, with music and words for children to sing along to.

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Game Zone

The games and activities entertain children, while they learn about the sounds of the language.

Students Love Sunshine

Sunshine Online features over 915 levelled e-books along with 2000 fun, interactive activities and games. Students are engaged and having fun. Each student is able to work at their own pace and at an appropriate level with success and achievement being the motivation for more!

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A Growing Resource

Exciting new content is regularly added to Sunshine Online making it a vast online library. Start using Sunshine Online today.
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