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Australian series with real stories using words that children can read!

About Sunshine Decodables

The Decodable Library contains 180 child-centred, relatable titles – both fiction and non-fiction. The titles follow a synthetic, systematic, cumulative, and sequential scope and sequence, so that students are exposed to phonemes and graphemes sequentially and then read meaningful texts containing only those sounds and letters that they have learnt. The titles are automatically unlocked in sequential order ensuring that students follow the systematic progression, thus ensuring reading success.

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The Program Features

  • 180 meaningful, engaging, fun, humorous, child centred, relatable titles – both fiction and non-fiction
  • A synthetic, systematic, cumulative, and sequential scope and sequence
  • Recurring characters that are adventurous and fun
  • Appropriate font style and size for children to read with ease
  • Allows for student independent learning
  • All the decodable words in the first 100 books are accessible through visual and auditory highlighting
  • A digital assessment following the completion of each set of books
  • Automatically unlocks titles in sequential order
  • Each title includes follow up learning experiences in a structured sequence
  • Students earn certificates, trophies, and avatars
  • Easy-to-use teacher administration to assign work and review and track student progress

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Why do students need Decodables?

(Mel to rewrite) Children will not learn to read if they cannot decode words. Decoding is knowing the letters, or groups of letters, that represent the sounds that we can hear and the more sounds a child can recognise, the more words they are able to read. We can surround children with books that tell incredible stories and facts, but if these books are made up of words with letter/sound patterns that children cannot recognise, they will fail to read independently.

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Schools & Teachers

(Mel to rewrite) Our school packages support educators in their systematic synthetic phonics approach while providing the ability to assign readers to all their students, meeting their skill level. Schools have access to all 180 readers across 11 levels, interactive learning videos, professional learning, printable resources and student tracking tools. View Packages

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