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Australian series with real stories using words that children can read!

Decodables at Home

(Mel to rewrite) Parent/Tutor packages support a one on one learning platform with access to all 180 readers across 11 levels (including our Main Fiction Series, Early Readers and Non-fiction), interactive learning videos and a fun and engaging interface. The library includes opportunities to learn letter sound correspondences in a systematic and progressive way moving towards cumulative practise using the interactive readers. An essential product for any beginner reader. (Phone devices not recommended for books due to size).

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Your Child's Progress

The Sunshine Decodables dashboard allows parents and tutors to track the childs progress in a stuctured way. As the child progresses and unlocks books their reading record and progress are available at a glance. The child is rewarded with certificates and trophies along their learning journey.

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Program Features

Sunshine Decodables has 180 meaningful and engaging text in both fiction and non-fiction.

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Listen & Say

  • Review the focus individual phonemes to hear a model of the pure articulation
  • See and listen to correct segmentation and blending of the phonemes in words
  • Student voice-records the phonemes in words
  • Student playbacks and listens to their own segmenting and blending
  • Student has the opportunity to self-review and re-record

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  • Option to listen to the text with narration and highlighting
  • Option to decode individual words to listen to segmentation and blending
  • Student can independently read the text without the above supports



  • Student voice-records their reading of the text
  • Listens to playback
  • Self-evaluates and reviews
  • Able to practise with repeated readings
  • Opportunity to independently review, self- evaluate, self- correct with re-reading and re-recording

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  • Articulation of focus phoneme knowledge
  • Segmenting and blending of real and nonsense words
  • Tricky word identification
  • Teacher evaluation of student recording


Teacher Review

  • Listen to student recordings
  • Review student’s progress
  • Track student’s progress with summative assessment



  • Each book includes a printible activity sheet. Mel to write some more text here about the activities.

Student Dashboard and Reporting

Keep track of your child's progress via the integrated student dashboard. Assign books or complete Levels, view their results and work history and listen to the recording activity to check for fluency and understanding.

Student Dashboard